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AST Forex offers a foreign exchange transaction of more than 60 currencies, including major currency pairs and secondary currency pairs, trading 24 hours a day, five days a week.
AST Forex provides the petroleum contract pricing transparency, substantial liquidity and easy access to the information industry, the margin ratio is only 1%, 24 hours offer.
Gold trading is the world's tax burden of the lightest investment projects. In contrast, many other investment products have tax items that investors can easily ignore.
In general, the silver market is different from other trading markets, the most obvious point is the continuity of time and space constraints.


The MT4 platform provides detailed dynamic pricing analysis. More than 50 Index tools can help simplify your analysis, so that you can clearly analyze the current market situation, determine the rising period or oscillation period, and so on, determine when to buy or sell.


Explore new development opportunities by building partnerships with AST Forex. The intelligent IB system, a full range of marketing client management programs, helps you walk in the forefront of the foreign exchange industry! We offer personalized business solutions to brokers and financial institutions seeking franchising.
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